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Doogie Hazzard is the self-proclaimed most epic-est party band ever. That’s a lot of hype, but let’s get serious for a minute.  There are a lot of party bands out there that do a lot of cover songs from specific genres.  We’re not hating, but that’s not us. We do the seventies, Eighties, Nineties, whatever we call the 10 years after they turn of the century all the way through today. We do all of that.  Founded in 2017, Doogie Hazzard's founding principles are to play great shows, not take things too seriously, bring great people together and make sure everyone leaves happier than they were when they arrived. 



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Why Mustachio you say? This guy doesn’t have a mustache. That’s because he can’t grow one. And if he did, think Spencer Pratt, flesh colored facial hair. Seriously, the stachio almost as bad as the captain’s jokes, yo.


The captain comes from a different era where men held the door open for their lady friend, people listened to entire records and shotgunning beers and drinking whiskey were cooler than hard seltzer (but he’ll be the first to hand you whichever you choose). The captain loves ‘Murica, but not so much politics.  His brain pours ideas like wine and very few of them are good. Born in Nantucket in 1978 and slave to the tourism industry, the captain recognized that his only way out of making lobster rolls for a living was to climb on stage and spread his message of love, peace, tolerance and party to the masses. Drinks in the air with one hand.  Captain, we salute you with the other.

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You'll be hard-pressed to find another guy like Jimmy.  He's into lunar physics, entomology (his favorite class is Lepidoptera), and garlic; he's also been known to mutter through the questions of the universe.  Are we alone?  Is he alone?  Yeah, mostly.   Dude, have a breath mint.  


Do you like ice cream?  Jimmy is an ice-cream truck driver during the day, but when the sun goes down he's an avid listener of old vinyl and cassettes (his 8-track player died).   Ratt, Huey Lewis, Beatles, Blondie, Beasties, Van Halen, Police, Kinks, are a few artists in the current rotation.   He likes to jam on old stuff, but he's still not recovered from the Twin incident.  In 1985 his Dad sold off a beautiful 1972 Fender Twin and replaced it with a Crate G60.  Oh, damn, Jimmy, we all feel that pain.

Jimmy is a free-wheelin' dude who digs peace, love and harmony.  So fly those peace signs at the next Coug show, and live for the moment...cause that's all we've got.  Jimmy will know who sent you.  Just don't ask him what's in a black hole.




Doc Slim is not a doctor, nor is he slim. But that doesn’t stop him from wearing skinny jeans and practicing mental health treatment. Ask him the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist and he’ll smile, look deep into your eyes, and nod in a way that makes you believe that he truly knows the answer to not only that question…but all questions.

Yes, Doc can write a song on cue and design a bridge in an 8-hour day, but where he truly shines is being someone with whom you can unload your burden. His emotional intelligence is off the charts. Between his song-smithing and private conversations, Slim can penetrate the human brain better than a Facebook algorithm.


So when you see him up on that stage throwing back beer after beer and serenading a crowd, it may seem as if he is in the zone…like he is lost in the moment.  The truth – he is actually devising a strategy to help you be the best version of yourself. His prescriptions may not be legit, but his love for you is. 



One name is all you need to know.  Like Madonna..  Like a virgin, but not.  That's all you need to know.  




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In a small town in rural Indiana comes one of the paramount guitar slingers of the seven seasi; A man so gifted with the “hook” that we dare say he’s has become the single most important purveyor of the tastiest solo guitar work ever slung to the masses…with a hook hand. That’s correct. He has a hook for a hand that can infiltrate the saddest of souls to make them gloriously happy and the happiest of souls to bring them a new heightened level of reality by singing perpetual Adelle songs. You might think that’s impossible, but The Hook makes everything possible.  Whatever your musical proclivity, the hook will have you singing that loved chorus forty more times because you just can’t get the damned thing out of your head. He’s not sorry.

He’s considered a freak of nature by many, and that arrrr-you-with-me hook stands out as the Doogie outfit rocks audiences into a new dimension. The reality is that true guitar slingers are rare, but The Hook is real. Believe in the power of The Hook.



What's in a name? Jerelicious A. Novocaine may sound like a hastily thrown together stage name that has stuck like a soiled piece of bubblegum attached to bottom of your shoe after walking around an amusement park for 14 hours, but the truth is much more interesting. According to his (now defunct) Wikipedia page, Jerelicious might have been a discarded branding idea for a taffy-like candy. In addition, rumor has it that Jerelicious (also known within the band as "Jerry" or "JAN" or "For the love, could you show up to practice prepared and on time just once? Gah...freaking bass players!" according to tabloid sources) is, in fact, older than the famous dental anesthetic which shares his surname. Finally, according to a fan tweet (account now deleted), the A. "probably stands for Amphetaw33d" (unconfirmed).


At any rate, he's the bass player and like most bass players, asking him to turn down usually results in someone seeking an appointment with Doc Slim.

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